A4 Document Holder

Simple sleeve for keeping your notes and documents organized

- Handcrafted in Croatia -

Personal assistant

Smart & practical, leather folder will become your favorite personal assistant while on the move.


Top Grain Leather

Folio Folder is made of leather with a protective overcoat. It prevents easy scratching and makes folder durable for daily use. 


- Every step of a process is an important part of the final product -

Classic Collection - Classic Stitch

Classic Folio Folder is stitched with environmental friendly linen thread Fil au Chinois. Recognized for it's strenght, durability and luxurious color range, French brand has been in existence since 1827.

Royal Lining

Vegan leather lining makes it easier to access all your important stuff. It is sturdy, tearproof material made of layered paper with a latex core and does not contain any harmful substances. All items in Classic Collection have red lining.

Hand Painted Edges

Edges are painted by hand. This is a time consuming process: multiple layers of paint are applied, sanded and heat treated to create almost perfect surface. 

Get ready for the meeting with Folio Folder!

You don’t need to spend your precious time thinking about where to put all the necessary files. Folio Folder can keep all your great plans and thoughts safe and ready.

- stitch by stitch, two needles, by hand -

Saddle stitch

Before the Industrial Revolution and before sewing machines, all leather goods were handsewn by artisans. 

This old sewing technique and one of the most durable ways to stitch leather because it locks at every stitch you make. This way, if the thread breaks somewhere, only one stitch will come undone.

One of a kind

Please understand that all handcrafted items, by nature, have imperfections. My items are studio produced with lots of love & special attention to details.

Any item you purchase is one of a kind. There are no two items in my shop that are exactly the same.

- in the studio -

Limited collections

Leather is a natural product and therefore differs from hide to hide. We do our best to choose it carefully. Each collection is limited, but don't worry - as soon as we finish our hides in stock, new collection is on it's way.

Photo blooper

Meet my helper, Tosa, a mixed breed adopted pup. Her ancestors are from Japan - a country of great leather crafters with a lots of passion for their work. She keeps reminding me of this each and every day.

Inspired by everyday life, culture & tradition

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